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June 22, 2000.  It's Heather Richardson being put on the spot.  If you have a question for Heather  or any other cast member, ask it on our Feedback page.

Q. What is the best thing about growing up in Oshawa?
A. Leaving.

Q. Who was your first dance teacher?
A. Janet Van Jackson - her husband's name was Michael!

Q. How many countries have you danced in?
A. Just four.  Canada, US, Spain and Cuba.

Q. Why do you like tequila so much?
A. I like body shots.  (Or does she mean BAWDY shots?)

Q. What is your favourite song to get down and funky to?
A. Horizontally - Chet Baker.  Vertically - The original Chicago cast album.  I don't like the new one.

Q. You play so many roles in the Sorceress, actor, choreographer, music director.  What is your favourite?
A. Playing somebody like Ruby.  Acting is new to me.  I help out with music and I make people move around and they all get mad at me. 

Q. In The Sorceress your character is presented with an opportunity to change something about herself.  What would you choose?
A.  My boobs - like Ruby. 

Q. What underwater sea creature would you be?
A. Starfish.

Q. Out of all the theatres in the world, what one would you like to perform on?
A. I'd actually prefer to own one.  I'd like to buy the Ford Centre (in Toronto).

Q. If someone stopped you on the street and made you gasp, who would it be?
A. Can't say.  Initials are B.C., and it's not Bill Clinton.

Q. Ruby, your character In The Sorceress, tries to seduce Jake.  Who would you like to seduce?
A. Joseph Feinnes.  Oh, and I'd be good at seducing Niles in Frasier.

Q. Leather or lace?
A. Lace.  It fits everywhere better - but I prefer sequence.

Q. Read any good books lately?
A. No.

Q. Ever want to procreate?
A. Yes, actually, I do.

Q. What smell makes you randy?
A. Ed Reiffe, the best smelling guy I've ever met in my life.

Q. Your character, Ruby, wants to talk to Lonny about something at the end of The Sorceress.  What do you suppose that is about?
A. I dunno.  She's supposed to be into him in the end.

Q. What do you think happened to Ruby's parents?
A. They are uneducated hicks that sent her to live with her Aunt Shirley to learn a trade.

Q. Tied up, or tying someone up?
A. Tied together... a nice bland answer. I just thought about my mother reading this.

Q. What do you wear to bed?
A. Plaid pants and t-shirt.  Flannel sheets.  Sometimes a tank top.  Always socks.  And I sleep with a family of teddy and polar bears.

Q. What is your biggest regret in life so far?
A. My nerves - not being in control of my nerves.