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Steve and the Dream Team [June 25, 2000]
Mary, Bonnie, Lynn, Lorraine, Liam, Brent, Bert and everone else. Break legs! From the Dream Team (cast and crew of A Midsummernight's Dream). We can't make it to your first show, but we'll all try to take in the second or third show. Merde!
Thanks to our pals at Cabbagetown Theatre Co!

Steve and the Dream Team [July 5, 2000]
You can check out a picture of Mary and Bonnie at the Schmooze and Booze on July 4th at the Cabbagetown web site - go to the Dream Project scrapbook - go.to/cabbagetown
That's Mary and Bonnie for ya!  Always schmoozing and boozine!

From: Mom & Dad Swanson [June 25, 2000]
We are here at Rob & Karen's today to look at their new house and Rob was showing us your web site for the play. Maybe this will convince Bert to buy a computer to keep in touch! Good luck with the play this year and as your nephew Gavin would say - " hope you can make some money, Bubbins."! 

From:  Ian Doherty [June 23, 2000]
Looks like a great show too bad I will not be able to see it. I'm sure that Liam Doherty guy would be excellent in the show. -Signed Ian Doherty
This kid is going to be a star, baby!

From: Steve [June 8, 2000]
Now I understand why Brent had a bag of flashlights....
Oh, Steve, if you only knew the half of it!

From:  clanmcgregor [June 4, 2000]
You've done great Lorraine! This is a fantastic way to keep track of what you are up to. We'll be sure to follow this throughout the spring/summer. Say hello to the big guy!!
What?  Family not willing to travel 1800 miles to see the show?

K-Man [June 4, 2000]
Lorraine, you can expect a decent crowd from the ACC for your show on July 8. Lisa, Georgia, Jennifer, Ron, Marion and myself are all confirmed for that date. I'm sure by the end of the month we'll get even more people as I haven't't even spoken to Margaret or others who didn't work the concert on the fourth. I'll speak to you shortly and I hope this is a huge success.
Beer tent-here we come!

From: Mike Barter [June 3, 2000]
I just looked over your website, and must say how good your fringe play looks. As you know , i was in NewYork City for 3 nights recently and was able to see 3 broadway performances. Yours looks to be just as good. Have you thouhgt of bringing it to the Atlantic Fringe Festival. I know the organizer (he is also a postal worker),and it would be nice to see the show here. I don't know the dates of our festival, hey they may overlap, but it would be an interesting to see your performance in Halifax.  Just a thought, Mike
Hey, would love to, but there's 11 in the cast.  We are having a difficult time coordinating rehearsal schedules - let alone travel!  Perhaps next year - or, you will have to come to Toronto - ever think of that?

Why Buy The Cow Fan [June 3, 2000]
Great site but it needs more hits. For all you out there reading this please forward to your friends to see about the play. I am sure the play needs some word of mouth.
Maybe there should be a spot on the site that you can put in someones e-mail address and the sites forwards to them( or is referred).
It's interesting you ask this, fan!  Directly under those darn banner ads that Tripod puts at the top of the page, they also put an "E-mail this page to a friend" ad.  So, send away, and we thank you!

From:  Kevin Hickey [June 3, 2000]
After seeing all of your shows, this one looks like it could be the biggest and best yet. I am very impressed that you were able to get people like Kerry Griffen and Bert Steimanis. I have seen Kerry's work for years, and I've also seen Bert's recent resume, not to mention his work all those years in the ODD Group. Best wishes on The  Sorceress.
Hi Kevin! We have to agree with everything you have said.  We have an exceptional cast for this production and are trying some very exciting things.

From:  Margaret [June 2, 2000]
I think the site is great! I am, as per usual impressed. It sounds like this will be the finest production yet from the WBTC crew. I look forward to it and as your #1 fan (direct family excluded) wish you all the best for the remainder of the rehersals and all of the performances.....Do you still say "Break a Leg"?
Cheers!  Hope you love it.

From:   Molly Upson [June 2, 2000]
Hi Lorraine - It's Molly Upson - I work with Jim and I think your site is great and am looking forward to attending your show this summer.
Looking forward to meeting you in the beer tent!

From: emm-cee-tee  [June 1, 2000]
I'm impressed with some of the "big name" actors you've had in some of your shows. That Mark De Angelis...wasn't he the groom's brother in "Tony 'n Tina's Wedding? Isn't he also the guy who does all those CDI commercials? That's pretty cool that you guys have a real Broadway (well, off Broadway) actor in your show too not to mention all the local talent!
Yes!  The very same Mark De Angelis!  And everyone has to know, he was a total blast to work with.  It was a total twist of fate that Bert Steinmanis called to tell us that he was available for the Fringe.  We know him well and jumped at the opportunity to work with him again!   

From:  Rob Walker [June 1, 2000]
Great site, but what happened (in the scrapbook) with a picture of sequin tears? I didnt see it. Who did the site, its concise, simple to use and realitivly fast loading (the applets take some time but I have @home) and full of info. Great work!
Hi Rob!  Now, everyone, the reason why Rob is so excited about Sanguine Tears not receiving it's fair share of representation in our scrapbook is because he originated Cecile Ray in the 1997 production and he was spectacular.  [Although we find it rather unsettling that he couldn't remember the title of the play!]  To put you at ease, Rob, we tried, but our jpeg file that just didn't work. But, as we speak, we are digging up something suitable that can be scanned in.  [I did the site on Front Page - Lorraine]

From:  Sexy Jim [May 25, 2000]
Does your site show the actual days and time of the shows?
Yes, Sexy Jim, it does.  Just view The Sorceress page and scroll down.

From:  User Unknown [May 25, 2000]
Your link to your friends at Cabbagetown will not be displayed. Why link to a page that does not seem to work?
I've tried this link both from home and at the office and it worked from both computers.  Just click on the cabbage heads.  They are having their annual 'Slaw Festival of one act plays right now, an extravaganza you really don' t want to miss.  Try again.

From: Ryan  [May 25, 2000]
Luv the baby kung fu fighter (aka dancing baby).
Bert finally landed in Toronto and I now have his photo up on the site, but just for you, Ryan, here is his animated picture.

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