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The Sorceress - July 7 - 16

We are thrilled to announce that 2000 is the fourth year that Why Buy The Cow? entertainment company has  been selected to develop a new play for the Fringe of Toronto Festival® -- and are we having a great time putting it together for you! 

"The Sorceress" is a play with music, where the actors become the musicians and the sweeping of a broom or the snapping of fingers become the music.    It's comply or fry for Lucinda Lalonde (Mary Claire Thompson) when she moves to a small town with an odd history of burning women at the stake.  Throw in a little hocus pocus and small town superstition and things begin to heat up!  This is our most innovative and ambitious presentation yet, combining a large cast with choreography, a cappella singing and unique percussion segments created by Heather Richardson.  This musical romp is intended to delight audiences of all ages.


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