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June 22, 2000.  Bonnie's turn to be grilled.  If you have a question for Bonnie or any other cast member, ask it on our Feedback page.

Q. How did you wind up in The Sorceress?
A.  I was asked by a cast member and people involved who I'd worked with in the past.

Q. If you could run away with a lustful Hollywood star, who would it be?
A.  Raif Feinnes.  Raif has much nicer hands than Joseph.

Q. Mayor Mel Lastman has erected a few hundred moose around downtown Toronto, each individually sponsored and decorated. Which Moose is your favourite? 
A.  I don't really like this whole Moose thing.  There's a mosaic one somewhere, but I'm really anti-Moose.

Q. What is your favourite dish at the Green Mango?
A.  Curried Chicken or Curried veggies - no tofu, spicy noodles or pad tie noodles.  I mix and match.

Q. Why do you act?
A.  Because law school lost out.  It was either going to be acting or law school.  I figured I might get someone off and one day they'd kill someone, so I picked acting.

Q. What would you name your child?
A.  There's 3 names... probably a variation of Alexander, Alexandra or Seneca or Mercedes. It depends of the last name they get.

Q. What is your favourite part in The Sorceress?
A.  When Nick (Lonny) says "Get lost pretty boy". Or when the Mayor says, "That she-devil."

Q. Which super-hero could you see yourself being?
A.  The Shoveler in Mystery Men or Cat Woman.

Q. If you got a tattoo, where would it be?
A.  A band around my arm.  A leafy motif type of vinage.  But I'd never get a tattoo.

Q. If you weren't here, what would you be doing?
A.  Watching Henry Winkler on Biography.

Q. What is your favourite thing to do?
A.  Eat.  Oh, that sounds terrible.  Dancing is fun.

Q. What inspirational message would you like to send to the world?
A.  Don't kill yourself, there's cake.

Q. What is your most embarrassing moment?
A.  Falling flat on my face in the aisle during Julius Ceasar.

Q. If you found everyone you know hanging onto the edge of a cliff, who would you save first.
A.  My roommate, I can't cover the rent by myself.

Q. What great role do you wish you could have played?
A.  Either Heather Graham or Elizabeth Hurley in  Austin Powers.

Q. What is the first thing you would do if you were voted Prime Minister?
A.  Get Mike Harris out of Premiership.

Q. What would your ideal Sorcerer be like?
A.  He'd have good fashion sense, which means he'd probably be gay.  He'd be a fabulous dancer.

Q. When you hear "Turning Leaf" what do you think of?
A.  Autumn Leaf Productions. God, that'll be a plug.

Q. What can you tell people about The Sorceress?
A.  It's a wacky-goofy musical.