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June 10, 2000.  Mary Claire is in the hot seatIf you have a question for Mary or another cast member, ask it on our Feedback page.

Q. You play the title character in The Sorceress.  If  you really were a witch, what spell would you cast?
A.  I'd put a love spell on the world and then everyone would be sickeningly sweet.

Q.  What character would you die to play?
A.  Flower, because he's a little smelly, but very sweet underneath.

Q.  How would you like to be remembered?
A.  Like Tom Thomson - shrouded in mystery.

Q.  If you were the next Spice Girl, what spice would you be?
A. Perky Spice... because I have one good feature and they're both perky!

Q.  What Street sign best describes you?
A.  Queen.

Q.  Tell us about your character in The Sorceress.
I.  A complex, misunderstood woman...  in need of a good ribbing.

Q.  If you were shipwrecked on a dessert isle, what 3 cd's do you hope to have with you?
A.  (1)  Kate Bush, The Kick Inside  (2)  Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits and (3) Tragically Hip, Phantom Power.

Q.  If you weren't an actress, what would you like to be?
A.  Makeup artist or massage therapist or a photographer or a social worker.  Wait a minute, I am a social worker.

Q.  If anyone could write your bio, who would you pick?
A.  Donna Lypchuk

Q.  What would your bio be called?
A.  Chills, Spills and Bills

Q.  Pick any celebrity you would like to date.
A.  Alex Gold.. something. He was in Shopping and F*cking.  He looked great in black leather pants.

Q.  What is your favourite role to date?
A.  Christina Mundy in 'Dancing at Lugnathsa.

Q.  Who do you most admire?
A.  My Dad.  He's the most loving, generous and fun person I know.

Q.  IF the cast of The Sorceress were trapped in the North, who would you eat first?  [Hey, we said these questions were candid!]
A.  Uh... Rob, the stage manager.  He seems like a nice guy.  [And Rob said... "If you think I'm going on the road with you, you're nuts!]

Q.  What would you improve about yourself?
A. [Laughing]I'd hang out with a totally different group of people.

Q.  If you could pick an actor to work with, who would it be?
A.  Johnny Depp.  He'd be cool to hang out with and drink and do... other things with and he has great lips.

Q.  Where are the nicest public washrooms you've been in?
A.  Movenpick Marche downtown - and they have a great Waldorph salad.

Q.  What is the worst thing The Dirt Digger could print about you?
A.  I have nothing to hide.  [Wink, wink]

Q.  If someone were to buy you a drink, what would it be?
A.  Corona

Q.  How many to sleep with you?
A.  Five.

Q.  Pretend we all believe in reincarnation.  How would you do it next time?
A.  I'd be more wealthy and have a manservant - like I do in the show.  Sure, I'd be a star too.  And I could swing any way I like.