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June 2, 2000.  Tonight Kerry Griffin is in the hot seat for the first of a series of interviews with the cast and crew of The Sorceress.  The questions are candid, and asked by the rest of the crew.  If you have a question for Kerry or another cast member, ask it on our Feedback page.

Q.    You have acted in a number of commercials.  What was your favourite?
A.    The Javex one, because I got to be in the shower and I got free Javex at the end of the shoot and two things of Palmolive - 1 green, 1 orangey brown.

Q     What in particular would you like to tell everyone about The Sorceress?
A.    Hey, it's a guy's show.  It's got a tango, baseball and witch burning - what more do you need in a Fringe show?  What guy wouldn't like all that?

Q.  Where do you learn your lines?
A.  Um, haven't learned them yet.

Q.  Have you ever done a nude scene?
A.  On stage- no.  Improv - yes.  But it was for the cast.  We mooned the audience.  I'm really an exhibitionist at heart.

Q.    If you could do a love scene, who would it be with?
A.    I would have said Angelina Jolie till she married Billy Bob.  But then, her brother and her - that's really weird.  I guess it would have to be Sporty Spice.  I have a thing for her.

Q.    When is the first time you made whoopee, a phrase young Ruby refers to in The Sorceress?
A.    When I was old enough to want it, but too young to do it right.  It was in the 80's.

Q.    If you could snap your fingers and make a wish come true, what would it be?
A.    I can't say that out loud.

Q.    What is the best Fringe show you have ever seen?
A.    Last year, The Drowsy Chaperone.  I also knew a lot of people in it.

Q.    What is the best professional show you have ever seen?
A.    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I'm a big Donny fan and also did it when I was twelve.

Q.    Really?  What part did you play?
A.    I was Joseph.

Q.    So, The Sorceress isn't your first musical?
A.    No.

Q.    What's your favourite word?
A.    Toast.

Q.    What's your favourite swearword?
A.    We can't say it in this page, but it starts with f....

Q.    If there is a heaven, what would God say to you when you get there?
A.    You were just what I wanted for the human race!

Q.    What do you want out of your career?
A.    To be paid, laid and....  yeah.

Q.    How many Fringe shows have you been in?
A.    This is my second.  Last summer I was in The Fabulous Smokey Topaz Multimedia Extravaganza.

Q.    Tell us about your role.
A.    I played Jiggy - one of the Smokey Topaz dancers and it was fun!  Break dancing, funk, commercials and I even got to skip rope!  Fun.

Q.    What is Smokey really like?
A.    Smokey's not a real blond, and boy, did she drink!

Q.    Who's your biggest inspiration?
A.    Sporty Spice... no, um, Monty Python?

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